Check the Setup Guides or Account Renewal Email for the current M3U URL Format. 

12th Jul 2024
Attention Verizon and AT&T Internet Users (Including All Subsidiary Companies)


This has always been recommended regardless of which internet service provider you're using.

1st Mar 2024
Request Free Trial - If Out of Stock

If you need a FREE TRIAL while they're OUT OF STOCK.

Start Live Chat to Request one.

11th Sept 2023
Payment Method Update (BTC Only)

Please read the information below regarding the payment method change, Effective Immediately.    PayPal Users:  We have an update for subscribers paying via PayPal.  We will no longer be receiving traditional payments from PayPal.  Therefore, if you were on automatic payments using PayPal, you will/have received a Payment Profile ... Read More »

15th Jan 2023
Nearest Bitcoin Payment Kiosk


1: Locate Bitcoin ATM

2: Purchase & Send Bitcoin at Kiosk

3: Click Pay Now on Your Invoice view Wallet Address QR Code

4: Scan Wallet QR Code on Invoice to Send Bitcoin and Complete Order

  • Overpayment is automatically credited to next invoice.

13th Dec 2022
Alternated methods to exchange Bitcoin

Buy bitcoin in minutes with Interac e-Transfer or Cash out to bank instantly with https://shakepay.com

12th Dec 2022
Updated Rates To Use PayPal

Click Here to view subscriptions that allow traditional PayPal payment.

9th Dec 2022
Be Proactive - Have a Back-up App

Best Practices:  Even when our service is ringing like a BELL, you should still look into a secondary application to use.  There are times when one app may be down and you will have the secondary app as an option in the meantime. Do not just rely on one application. Setup ... Read More »

13th Jun 2022
Having Buffering Issues?

FOR ANYONE STATING BUFFERING ISSUES YOU'LL NEED TO USE A VPN TO BYPASS ISSUE DUE TO ISP THROTTLING    Recommended VPN providers are:   NordVPN IPVanish ExpressVPN Surfshark    A few suggested server locations to start with are below    -Canada all cities -Denmark -Sweden -Switzerland -Norway -Latvia -Finland   YOU'LL ... Read More »

5th Oct 2021