XCiptv Setup Guide (multi screen)

Before you begin, please note that the XCIPTV app will not have a working EPG TV guide.


We highly recommend using Tivimate app instead Tivimate installation instructions


In this guide we'll take you through setting up XCiptv player with our service.


1. Search for xciptv and install the app via the App Store


2. Open the app, click on Settings


3. Choose M3U URL


4. Enter the URL:


(assuming your email address is "myemail@gmail.com" and your Apollo pass is "myPass12" -case sensetive)


5. Once you signed in, you can click on All streams and start using the app.


6. To add VOD (TV Shows/Movies list) go back to the main window and clock on Account at the bottom.

Then click +M3U


7. Give it name TV Shows or movies and use the url:

(assuming your email address is "myemail@gmail.com" and your Apollo pass is "myPass12" -case sensetive)

Then click Add


To add TV Shows use:

TV Shows (VERY big list. Don't use on old/small devices)

https://tv4.live/api/list/YOUR_EMAIL/PASSWORD/m3u8/tvshows/1 (Most new tv shows)









(Oldest tv shows)



8. Click on the M3U we created and then click Login


10. To use Multi Screen go to the main menu (make sure you're in the right Playlist - LiveTV most likely)

Click on Multi at the bottom


11. A 4 screen window will open up, click on one of the screens you want to add a stream to


12. Click on the Plus and choose the stream you want to add, do the same for all the screens and there you go.


13. Continue to add to the windows you want

 That's all.

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