Setup KODI w/ Apollo Group TV

*Our Kodi addon has been updated, currently there isn't any "My List".

After updating your Kodi, please reboot your Kodi or device.
Download and install Kodi 18: DOWNLOAD

Once You run Kodi, go to Setting > File Manager > Add Source (our Repository)

And fill in according to the picture:
A. Instead of fill in “”.
B. Enter the name “Apollo”.
C. Click OK.


Go to the main menu and go to “Add-ons”Then on the top left side click on the box


Click on “Install from zip File”

A message will appear, click on “Settings”


Make sure on the left side pane is set to “Add-ons” then on the right side click on “Unknown Sources”
(in order to allow installing our repository)


Once you click “YES”, go one screen back and click again on “Install from zip file”

Choose and click on “Apollo” (should be the first on the list, it is based on the name we gave earlier)

Choose and click on “” and wait for it to install the repository (should take several seconds)

Once done, click on “Install from repository” > “Apollo Group Repo” > “Video Add-ons” > “Apollo Group”

Then it will ask you 2 versions:
Apollo Group 4.1.9 or 4.2.1(or higher) MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE 4.2.1 (Apollo - Kodi 18)

Then click “Install”


On the next screen click on OK (to install all those dependencies)
Now it will install our addon, it might take up to a minute (depends on your device).

Wait for it to finish installing


Once the installation has finished a pop up will appear asking you “Are you a Member” if you are, click yes.
If not, go ahead and get a trial from our website: http://48-Hrs.on-the-Web.TV

Enter in your Apollo Group registered Email Address.

Enter in your Apollo Group account password.

Then it will ask you if you want to use Apollo Group TV guide.

If you have your own addon for TV-Guide click no. Otherwise, click YES.

Then click OK on the pop-up, and lets exit Kodi so Kodi will set all its settings.

Make sure you exit clean Kodi.

Go to the main menu and click on the shut-down button and click on “Exit”


*it might take a minute or two for Kodi to exit, give it some time. Once it is done open Kodi again.

To enter our addon, click on the left side panel on “Add-ons” Then click on Apollo Group.
(To be sure your account is correct to go to Tools(in our addon) and see your account info,
if you don’t see account info, click on Login).


To open the TV-Guide on Kodi 18 you can do it only via:
Main menu: Left side pane “TV” and then “Channels”


How to install Kodi on an Amazon Firestick

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