Firestick Installation Instructions (Regular and 4K)

Filelinked is no longer in service.  Please see the following updated installation instructions.


In this guide we will show you how to install Downloader app in order to Download Apollo Group TV.

We highly recommend you use Downloader to install Apollo Group TV, this will ensure that your ApolloGroup TV app will stay updated.


1. From the Main Menu scroll to the right and select the settings menu.


2. Select My Fire TV.


3. Scroll down and Choose Developer Options.


4. Select Apps from Unknown Sources.


5. Select Turn On.



6. Return to the home screen and hover over the Search icon.  (If you already have the Downloader app installed you may skip to step 13 below)


7. Type in Downloader.


8. Select the Downloader app


9. Select Download


10. Select Open


11. Select Allow when prompted


12. Select OK


13. Enter link: and then select the GO button


14. If you entered the URL correctly the download will begin.  Wait until the download is finished.


15. Select Install


16. Select Done.


17. This will take you back to Downloader. Click Delete.


18. Click Delete again to confirm.


19. Return to the home screen menu (press the home button on your remote). 


20. Then scroll down to the  “Your Apps & Channels” sub header.  Scroll all the way to the left and select the “See All” icon.  If you don't have this icon, you may skip this step.


21. Scroll to the bottom of your apps list and hover over the Apollo Group TV app icon and then click Options button 

(3 horizontal lines on your remote control)


22. Click Move to front (Click Menu button on remote (3 horizontal lines), then choose “Move to Front” from the list),

23. Click the home button on your remote and then select the Apollo Group TV app icon 


24. Loading screen please wait


25. Use your remote to enter your Email or Username in the [Email or Username] field (Top line)


Your Password is case-sensitive!

26. After entering your Email/Username click the NEXT Button and then enter your password in the [Password] field (bottom line)

27. After entering your Password click the LOGIN Button.



The Profile and Settings menu is found in the top left corner icon of the app.  

In the the settings menu you can find additional information and settings below

-App Version #


-Clear Cache button

-Log out Button

-Expiry Date

-Time Zone (Use -/+ buttons to change)

-Save login checkbox (to save your login information.  Uncheck this box and log out of the app if using the app on a friends or family members device temporarily.

-Categories (select your desired categories or uncheck to remove category) 

-Time Format 12h or 24h 

-Player settings (change player if experiencing issues with certain content)

-Default Language

-Text Size (for subtitles only)


To add content to your "My List" select the content and long press the ok/select middle circle button on your remote.



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